Desperados Housewifes win closing easter tournament

The last of three tournaments has a winner. The Desperados Housewifes have won the Easter Tournament Hobby Monday and do also score three points in the quadRats Tournament Series.

After they achieved group stage winners, they advanced to the semifinals where they faced the Walthamstow CCS. With a tight 4-3 win, they shot themselves into the final.

The other semifinal was won by the Lions Mannheim, who kicked out the Over 38 german national team with a 2-0.

The final has been a clear matter. No doubts about a win for the Desperados Housewifes after only half the game time. A 6-0 and only 10 minutes on the clock. Finally the Desperados Housewifes beat the Lions Mannheim with a confident 9-0 win.

3rd place goes to Walthamstow CCS, beating 4th place O38 german national team. Place 5 to 8 belong to the Monarchs, Huskies Beveren, K-Town and Mainprimaten.

Complete matchups in detail here.

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