Czech finals at the easter pro

The Easter Tournament for professional teams ended with Czech final. Last years winner Mad Parrots have faced the team from Pisek, but could not defend their championship. Pisek wins it with on a 2-0.

Nine team have started at the tournament this year. It was tough to play a complete round with an unequal amount of teams. But even with an additional elimination round, the best two teams after the group stage have reached the semifinals.

Hannover to face the Mad Parrots and the host itself, the quadRats against Pisek. Both German teams have been inferior to their Czech opponents. Pisek has won the semifinal 4-2 (empty net included) and the Mad Parrots have done similar.

While the quadRats have won the little final clearly by 9-2, the final was much closer. For a long time of the match, Pisek had just a 1-0 lead and where unnecessarily struggling. Finally they’ve been able to convert their dominance into a 2-0 lead which the Mad Parrots were able to answer.

Congratulations to the team from Pisek, the first team in quadRats Tournament Series to gain series points.

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