The quadRats Tournament Series (QTS) is hosted by ISC Mannheim e.V.. It consists of currently six Tournaments over the year. Five self hosted tournaments taking place at Mannheim, one partner tournament in Kaufbeuren (Hockey for Hope Cup).

Teams have the opportunity to gain points according to their performances. The team with the most points overall will be offered a free slot for one of the self hosted tournaments in the subsequent year.

Participating tournaments and dates:

Points system and assessment

The tournaments differ in two stages, pro and hobby. This is the current classification:

  • Pro stage
    • Easter Tournament
    • Oktoberfest Professional
  • Hobby stage
    • Easter Tournament Sunday
    • Easter Tournament Monday
    • Hockey for Hope Cup
    • Midnight Cup

First five teams of a pro stage tournament will receive five to one point descending and the first three teams of a hobby stage tournament will receive three to one point.

If teams are tied after the last tournament following rules decide:

  1. Most participations
  2. Most won games overall
  3. Most scored goals overall